Godgift's Story

Godgift's Story

Lagos, Nigeria

If I hadn’t come to know Jesus on Alpha I might still be in prison

Godgift was falsely accused of murder and spent nineteen months in prison awaiting trial. During that time, he reflected on aspects of his life he wanted to change. While still in prison, he heard about Alpha and decided to attend.

He says, "It was as if I just received my sight, my eyes were opened. I had never been so clear about the person of Jesus. Alpha was about Jesus and I learnt how sinless He lived, and decided that this sinless man is the one I will follow."

He was acquitted shortly after his experience on Alpha. He found life challenging after release from prison. But this hasn't stopped him from working with young people and running Alpha in his church.

He hopes that others will have the same opportunity that he had, to hear about Jesus on Alpha.

He said, "I hope churches and prisons all over the world run Alpha because souls need to be saved—people need to know who this Jesus is, why he came, and what he calls us to do. If I hadn't come to know Jesus on Alpha I might still be in prison. I am so happy about who I am today by the grace of God."

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