Alpha Film Series

Alpha Film Series

Begin the greatest adventure.

Get ready for the Alpha Film Series—an updated, relevant and engaging resource designed to take the audience on an epic journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith.

2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Alpha.

Launching on 14 April 2016, the Alpha Film Series is for anyone to run Alpha with and will be free for download on our Courses system. 

This is Alpha like you've never seen it before. 

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How Alpha Transformed Our Church - Rev. Dr. Ogunlusi

How Alpha Transformed Our Church - Rev. Dr. Ogunlusi

”Alpha has given us tremendous opportunities to present the gospel in a friendly manner to people that ordinarily would not have stepped into the church. We have had several people of other faith try Alpha with us, we have witnessed guests who ordinarily would not call themselves Christians coming to accept a relationship with Christ, while some who have disconnected from the faith made a new commitment to God”. - Rev. Dr Richard Ogunlusi (Church of The Messiah, Ile-Ife)

My Journey - Ben's Story

My Journey - Ben's Story

God met me where I was and I encountered Him in a way that was really specific to me. Life has become completely different - Ben (Lagos, Nigeria)

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